Unplug at Night and with Distance

On an episode of MarieTV, Arianna Huffington shared her tips for improving sleep. She is a big advocate for sleep after passing out from exhaustion during her startup years. She suggested to not place your phone next to your bedside at night. You should place it across the room or outside of it to steer you away from viewing your screen at night and really wind down from internet noise.

After some practice, I did end up developing this habit over a month ago now; and I must say it’s a small change that has been very beneficial. I charge my phone across my bedroom now, and when I set this up each night, it gives me permission to really shut off distractions like email and social media browsing while laying in bed. Because my phone is my alarm clock, this walk across the room to shut off my alarm gets me up right away each morning without hesitation or the easy opportunity to hit snooze. Of all the habits I have been trying lately, this one has stuck with me quite well.

There are holes, however; though it’s not directly related to the habit. For example, staying off my phone at night doesn’t necessarily make me have a better night’s sleep. Just because I’m off my phone doesn’t mean my mind completely shuts off. I’m still an avid thinker being the night owl that I am. However, the permission to stop electronics at night is great, and the immediate walk to turn off my alarm in the morning is even better—in fact that is my favorite benefit.

If you keep your phone at arms reach from your bed at night, I encourage you to give this habit a try. It may at least help you better define your start and end sleep times.

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Podcast: Arianna Huffington on Redefining Success, MarieTV


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