About Me

I am a creative thinker, designer, developer, entrepreneur, and educator. I love to learn, grow, inspire, succeed, and help others do the same. What can I help you create?

My Story

The creative seed.

My first taste of design came from building fan websites of my favorite music artists when I was in high school just for fun. I really thought the artist websites could use some better visual design (I wasn’t digging the design trends of the early 2000’s), and so I set my own design challenges to make these websites better. I got noticed a bit from other fans and even received an artist shoutout in the early internet days during these redesign projects, and I was hooked. I self-taught myself graphic editing and coding on the computer, and I fell in love with design and solving puzzles with code. I then went on to formally study these topics in school.

The formal study and valuable mentorship.

My formal learning started in high school when I studied a career program in web development, and this too was the time I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life—start my own business doing creative work of all types. I drew my business vision on paper in a colored cartoon drawing, and it’s been my direction ever since. That drawing remains sketched in my mind, and I think of it often to keep me focused.

I have three degrees focused in web design, graphic communications, and a masters degree from the University of Michigan School of Information in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). These fancy degree programs simply describe my expertise in graphic design, web design and development, user experience design, and the business side of it all.

Outside of degrees, I remain relevant by pursuing ongoing professional development opportunities, like completing Marie Forleo’s B-School on modern digital marketing and regularly attending the Global Leadership Summit to name a few. You’ll find me absorbing something new each day to continuously grow, and usually with a coffee in hand :).

I credit much of my own learning from life-changing mentorship, and I enjoy giving back as much as I can. I share my expertise with multiple volunteer groups, classrooms, organizations, and advisory committees. Mentorship has made such an impact in my life that it’s been my goal to give a TED talk on this value someday coming soon!

My work is diverse.

By the time I completed my undergraduate degree at the age of 23, I was already teaching five course field subjects at multiple colleges. I thoroughly enjoy seeing students go from not knowing a subject to “getting it”.

Today, I work full-time in the marketing department of a college and have constructed their website twice from scratch with just a small team. I also own and run Creative Seed, a design group that creates custom-built web and graphic design solutions to cultivate the success for individuals and organizations.

Lastly, I’m very passionate about entrepreneurship and pursuing bigger-than-yourself ventures that make the world a better place. I am involved in various entrepreneurial endeavors and highly enjoy the business startup experience. Every person has the capacity to make a difference in their own community circle and beyond. Entrepreneurship continues to teach me this.

But—How Can I Help You?

I’ve been through a lot of challenges in life, much of it life-changing; and I’ve developed some knowing of what creative resilience looks like. Pursuing your own business, startup ventures, and creative projects is not easy, especially alongside this thing we call life. You’re not always going to get the support you want, and you’re going to run into scenarios that make you question if you should have ever started at all.

But the answer is always an enthusiastic yes!—yes, you should have started or start if you haven’t already; and yes, you should learn more about your passions and do what you love to do. Life is meant to have meaning. It’s too short for it not to.

If you’re looking for that encouragement to follow your creativity, a place to explore knowledge on various creative and business topics, a place to continue growing in your creative space, you’ve come to the right place. Stick with me because the learning never stops. Let’s share this creative journey together, and let’s make some awesome things happen!

Stop waiting for creativity to come to you. Go to it, and dive in.

I have a sticker on the back of my laptop that reads a quote from Helen Keller:“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” I get compliments on this quote all the time. You know why? It’s because everyone secretly longs for that grand adventure. Are you living your creative adventure yet? If not, let’s get started.


My Ventures and Projects

I am involved in more than a few businesses, startups, and volunteer work. Listed below is my current activity list. I value having creative diversity and using skill sets where can to participate in work that is meaningful and makes a positive impact. If you’re interested in learning more about my work, do contact me.
Creative Seed

Creative Seed

This is my design group that creates custom-built web and graphic design solutions to cultivate success for individuals and organizations. Are you in need of design nourishment? Let's chat and make your brand stand out.



I am honored to be a partner with Mindtation, a startup with a mission to maximize the potential and quality of human life through meditation and mindfulness practices.

You Can Create That

You Can Create That

Are you an aspiring creative wanting to learn more about design, development, and business practices within the creative field? I can help take you to the next level and believe you can create that thing you are wanting to achieve.

My LivWel

My LivWel

This passion project is a web app that helps people living with or at risk for HIV find resources and support.

Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition

Livonia Save Our Youth

I am proud to volunteer for this coalition that has a mission to educate and empower the community regarding the health and safety of our young people with a focus on alcohol and other drugs.

A Portfolio Glimpse

The majority of my work is created for Creative Seed clients, but if you’re wondering what kind of work and design styles I tinker around with, have fun exploring my mini portfolio gallery.