In one of his keynotes, Gary Vaynerchuk talks a bit about how “attention is the number one currency in our society”. This shouldn’t be a surprise right? Yet, it’s not always understood, especially when it comes to marketing.

Before you start chatting about how great you are or selling about how wonderful your products are, you need my attention first in order for me to listen or care. In today’s very noisy landscape of ever-expanding media channels constantly coming in at all our senses, we need to understand that attention comes first. And if I can’t relate to you, or if I don’t trust you, you don’t have my attention. Despite how awesome you say your product or service is, it’s noise; and people are really good at selective listening.

So there is the landscape of “competitors” to be aware of in business, but the greatest competition is that of being heard.

One thing that has always stuck with me was from an undergrad marketing class I took where the instructor was lecturing about the A.I.R. concept. In order to market something, your product or service needs A.I.R. – First it must grab attention. Second, it must hold your attention with interest. Lastly, it must be so impactful that the customer will recall your brand.

Maybe you read this post, or maybe you thought it was noise. It’s interesting that you have that choice to decide.

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