Your Emotional Bank Account

Invest into other people’s mission statements.

Forming stable relationships is important not only in life but also business. In the book The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, I like Stephen Covey’s metaphor where he describes relationships as having their own bank accounts. The greater the trust within the relationship, the greater the balance and wealthier you will be. You want to make regular payments to the account, but you should only withdraw rarely. You make payments by investing into other people’s mission statements.

This too makes me think about how hard it is to invest into others if they don’t make their mission statement be known. You should be open about sharing your goals and personal mission, vision and values so that others can help you achieve it.

In addition, it’s hard to invest in other people’s mission statement if you are only investing in yourself. Sometimes you need to step back and create an awareness of your own behavior to see if you are taking the time to also help those people helping you.

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