Feedback is Crucial

Don’t let ratings self-teach the receiver.

People struggle with feedback conversations, but they are crucial to keeping your team on track. Humans have a need to learn and grow, and they have a need to feel respected, appreciated, and valued for who they are. Both giving and receiving feedback is a skill. At the Global Leadership Summit, Sheila Heen pointed out that there are three types of feedback:

  1. Appreciate: I see you, and you matter.
  2. Coaching: Get better at something.
  3. Evaluation: Where do I stand?

The problem is that leaders tend to lump coaching and evaluation together. We see our rating numbers within our evaluations first and ignore the coaching part afterward. Don’t forget this step or let ratings self-teach the receiver. In addition, leaders need to receive feedback. Leaders need to be better receivers so they can be better givers.

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