Hit the Buzzer First

In a MarieTV podcast episode, Seth Godin talks with Marie Forleo about not waiting for the right moment. Godin explains that some people are more productive than others because they have the instinct to ship, and they generate output by doing so. They don’t have an instinct to polish.

“Most people hesitate to ship not because it’s not ready but because they are afraid.”

Godin continues to share this concept with an observation about Jeopard. People who win at that game may not be smarter than the other contestants, but they know how to press the buzzer first. They hit the buzzer before they know the answer. In that last moment, they come up with a response to say. Whether it’s right or not, they seize the opportunity to try to win.

When you’re invited to give a presentation, when you’re given a project assignment, when you sign up for something to do–you don’t have that thing done before you commit to doing it. You hit the buzzer first and work on completing it before deadline. Most people hesitate to commit to anything because of fear in their output.

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