It Already Exists

It’s been done before.—This is the classic argument our negative mind makes when trying to pursue something. Marie Forleo and Elizabeth Gilbert talk about this resistance. The perspective to remember is that [it] hasn’t yet been done by you.

Gilbert points out “Even Shakespeare repeated stories but told them a different way, and we’re still talking about it. You’re allowed to add to the pile of art. When art comes from the heart, it comes out differently than those who just borrow for the sake of that. Create because it brings you joy.”

Remember this the next time you’re told that the field you’re pursuing is oversaturated. There is room for one more designer, developer, consultant—whatever it is you’re trying to pursue. You’re adding value by creating. Just because a field is crowded does not mean everyone has been doing it at their best. Perhaps it’s about time you show the world how to do it right by bringing you to it.

What are you bringing to the table?

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