Presentation Notes

I saw a presentation today from someone providing training to a large group of people on their company software product already purchased. Not only were they providing training, but they too were selling buy-in to the attendees who were not as familiar with this purchasing decision and current implementation progression. I thought the presenter’s delivery was very well done. Here’s why:

  • They stated their “why”, and it felt trustworthy. If you’re not familiar with this concept, check out Simon Sinek’s work.
  • They personalized the presentation by using words like “you” and “your” to connect with the audience.
  • They predicted and highlighted nearly all “if” scenarios I could think of and answered them prior to someone asking the question.
  • They used relatable analogies to describe their product as oppose to jargon.
  • The presentation slides were clean, simple, and had a time-progressing outline so everyone knew where we were within the training agenda.
  • The presentation slides were their own style, not some typical template and outline format most pitches follow.
  • There was a good mix of slides and live demo. All demos were on live customer sites which provided not only credibility but also perspective on how flexible the product can be.
  • The speaker was open for questions any time and answered them with great, professional care. For questions that could turn into product improvements, the speaker noticeably took interest and noted them on his own laptop to bring back to share with the company team.
  • Both strengths and weaknesses were shared, and a product roadmap helped balance the two.
  • The training finished early but without rushing any part of the presentation.

I think it’s interesting to study other speakers and presentation styles. You can always learn something from the content, yes; but you can also learn from the delivery style.


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