Education and mentorship is of great importance to me, and I value the opportunities to share with others my experiences and knowledge. I have spoken for student classes and groups, teachers and school administrators, design organizations, and more. Some talks I have given are:

  • What's Next: an annual talk given to high school students about my work experience and growth since high school in the creative field, what can be expected with technology in the future, and how best to be professionally ready for it

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Awesome New Features & Adobe Products used in the Web Design Process: a talk about the less talked about uses of Adobe products in the web design process

  • Confident Design Every Time: a talk about what makes good design

  • Understanding Brand: a talk given to startups about the power of brand

  • Project Management: a talk about the importance of efficient project management and how to achieve it

  • The Design Process: various talks about the importance of design process in a variety of project settings

  • Wireframing and Prototyping: a talk about the different stages of developing a website from sketch, prototype, and launch

  • Social Media Today: a talk given to share with K-12 teachers and administrators, as well as at the higher ed level, knowledge about current trends in social media that their students engage in

  • The Power of Mentorship: I haven’t given this talk yet, but it is my future goal to give a TED talk on this subject. Seeing it in my own life experiences, I'm very passionate about the value provided by having mentors. I do believe it's life-changing and so important.