The Basic Elevator Pitch

Going through and rereading books from college is so enjoyable to me. Rereading things a second time after learning was gained from those classes and college experiences is powerful. It’s more comprehensive and understandable. It’s rare someone is taught something once and then just gets it. It takes repetition to learn, and so this exercise of rereading is important to me.

A lot of my reading talk about understanding your why, knowing your audience well, and the basic pitch. Of all the pitch readings I’ve seen, the outline provided in the book Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore is the most memorable to me because it’s so straightforward. It’s a simple template outline:

For (target customers)
Who are dissatisfied with (the current market alternatives)
Our product is a (new product category)
That provides (key problem-solving capability)
Unlike (the product alternative)
We have assembled (key product features)

This outline tells a basic story about your audience, competition, and emphasis on why your product provides value. Nothing more or less than that. Revisiting this outline often to ensure you’re in check with your direction is important, and having your team members understand this is equally as important.

Pitch this, and then have a pitch for even shorter elevator trips. After all, a 10 floor elevator ride is shorter than 5 floors. Be ready for both.

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