The Ideal Team Player

Patrick Lencioni has a great personality, and I really enjoy his compelling and humorous presentations. My favorite work of his is the concept that ideal team players are humble, hungry, and smart. You need all three. Not one of these characteristics can be missing.

Humble players don’t exude ego, nor do they downplay their skills. They emphasize team over self and understand that success is a collective effort.

Hungry players are always seeking more, and they are self-disciplined to look ahead and do more without the need to be motivated by a manager.

Lastly, there are smart players. Don’t be fooled into thinking smart is about intelligence. It’s about common sense, and smart players have good self-judgment and intuition about all actions and behaviors and how it will impact others. They have a conscious self-awareness.

We overvalue resumes and technical skills, but behavior always rises to the top. These are the three behaviors you want on your team. Accept nothing less.

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