Work with Me

I am a creative thinker, designer, developer, entrepreneur, and educator. How can I help you?

Let's Make Things Happen

I'm a creative at heart, and so what you'll find in me is someone who loves diversity in her work. I do a variety of things as my skill sets match this diversity. In addition, I'm someone who loves helping others. Whether you are the person needing professional design work or an aspiring creative wanting to learn it, I can meet you where you're at and provide value so that you can reach your goals.

Creative Seed

Design and Development Services
This is my design group that creates custom-built web and graphic design solutions to cultivate success for individuals and organizations. Are you in need of design nourishment? Let's chat.

You Can Create That

Learning Products for Aspiring Designers
Whether you’re an aspiring designer wanting to learn skills and freelance, a manager trying to better understand your creative team, or a student wanting to learn the design and business skills you won’t be taught in college, my products and services are available to help you learn and grow.*
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My LivWel

A Health and Wellness Project
This personal passion project is a web app that helps people living with or at risk for HIV find resources and support. I’m always seeking support on this important initiative, so reach out if you are interested.


Education and mentorship is of great importance to me, and I value the opportunities to share with others my experiences and knowledge. Contact me if you're interested in having me speak to your students, faculty and staff, meetup group, or other organization.