You Can Say “No”

“Great teams are defined by what they’ve said “no” to so they can pursue what they are called to truly be doing.” – Jim Collins

There have been many times where I’ve heard people say “well, it’s an opportunity so we need to take advantage of it.”—We need to attend that meeting or event, we need to enter that competition, we need to give that pitch, we need to do this task now, etc. Don’t get me wrong, there are some opportunities that are “once in a lifetime” or very special scenarios that require our immediate attention and you can’t pass up; however, most of them are not so pressing. If not careful, you can find yourself distracting yourself so much with “opportunities” and “must-do’s” that you’re spinning your wheels in actually getting your project done or your product shipped.

I talk about the difference between tasks that are urgent vs important, and it’s the same concept here. You need to stay site to your mission and goals and really think about what you’re actually saying “no” to when you’re saying “yes” to something else.

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